“Your Host”, is a political narrative portrait of Kellyanne Conway. It’s one of the works in my Game Faces Series which
narrates my response to the Trump administration. I chose Kellyanne to be the subject of the work because I find her exterior aesthetic presentation satirical, when considered in the context of her public demeanor and unapologetic delivery of what is frequently proven incorrect information, presumably dictated to her by Trump. Her commitment to Donald Trump’s narrative is all the more curious knowing that she is married to George Conway, a high-profile Washington D.C. attorney who regularly admonishes Trump through Twitter.
In execution, I wanted her appearance to be ‘Stepford Wife’ idyllic, with a color palette, hair style, and clothing alluding to 1950’s upper middle-class America.
I chose the vibrant middle value green as a reference to the green screen used in television studios when the producer wants to write in an environment after the taping that only appears when the program is viewed. I found the two metaphors describe much of Donald Trump’s values, and delivery of his message.
Finally, I used the bright yellow under-painting to underscore the farce-like effect of Kellyanne’s tireless marketing of the Trump narrative.